Crossland mounted harrow available from Gregoire Besson

Gregoire Besson’s Crossland mounted harrow are available with either a fixed frame (1230 model) or folding frame (2230 and 2306 models).

The harrow’s versatility is reflected in the choices available which include:

  • Choice of tine spacing (230mm or 306mm).
  • Choice of rear accessories:
    • Triple following harrow or
    • Rear roller (different profiles).
  • Choice of levelling implements:
    • Levelling discs or
    • Crossboard blades.
  • Configuration choice:
    • Depth wheels of larger diameter + triple following harrow or
    • Rear roller + levelling discs

Features include:

  • Piled wheels roller.
  • Crumbler rollers.
  • Triple following harrows.
  • Eurochisel® tine standard assembly and forged steel leg “Edge on” profile.
  • Strong leg fixing on its mounting bracket
  • Narrow leg for less traction requirement
  • Strong wearing part fixing on the leg with 2 bolts.
  • Spring reset safety device


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